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This  article shows you how to rename file using CMD.


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If you are new in this blog or novice about using cmd code, I welcome you to read this tutorial from here. CMD Tutorials For Beginners (Part-1) How To Create Folder By CMD .

To rename files, we have to navigate files in directory or we can go directly files destination.

If you don’t know how to navigate ¬†files or folders, I welcome to read this article.

How To Open Files Using cmd

ok. I show you how to rename files by navigating folders. Let’s go.

Rename File Using CMD:

As usual open CMD . Then  go to your files destination. I want to rename my files named my1.txt   which location is on desktop.

 Rename File Using CMD


It’s so easy to do this if you know or if you read my mentioned article. To do this, I have to go desktop. So type,

cd desktop

 Rename File Using CMD

ok. now let’s start to navigate folders or folders. Type


when I typed dir I found my desired files named my1.txt which I want to rename it.

 Rename File Using CMD

I want to rename this files  my1.txt to mymeetbook.txt , I have to type this

rename my1.txt mymmeetbook.txt

See, my file name got changed.

 Rename File Using CMD
 Rename File Using CMD

In this way, you can change folder name also.

Suppose there is a folder named I.C.  on desktop. I want to rename it

Rename File Using CMD
I.C. folder


So, let’s go.

After going to desktop directory, I see a I.C. folder .


 Rename File Using CMD

Now, I want to rename it from I.C to Incredible. So, type

rename I.C Incredible 

Yahoo!!! :Cool: My folder’s name got changed.

 Rename File Using CMD
 Rename File Using CMD

So, I hope that I realized you how to rename your  files as well as folders.

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