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This post is about how to open program files using cmd.

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This time I want to talk with you about how to open program files using CMD.

Open program Files Using CMD:

This topics are sequel of previous tutorial. I am not only eagerly but also extremely inviting you to read my tutorial from here. CMD Tutorials For Beginners (Part-1) How To Create Folder By CMD

Let’s open  cmd.exe

If we want to navigate directly from cmd, I mean that we don’t see where programs are installed in folder or  drives, Then what to do? How will I find these programs.

I am telling you. Generally programs are installed in C drive. So, we have to switch C drive  directory from  current default directory .I showed you details in my previous post. If you don’t do this how to change drive directory, Please, read this how to change drive directory in CMD .

Now, i want to run OPERA browser that I installed in program files on C drives. So ,Let’s go, man!!



how to open program files using cmd
C drive

You see, we directly reached C drives directory.

Then it’s time to go programs directory . What are you waiting for, my friends (song)? Let’s go..

If we want to go programmer file by navigating folder. So you have to follow my way..

We want to type


how to open program files using cmd
programme files



Then we see what directories are available in C drive and program files are included with others.

Now we have to go program files directory. Type

cd program files

Again type



how to open program files using cmd
programe directory

We want to open opera browser, So We have to go opera directories.


cd opera

and type again


how to open program files using cmd
opera executive files

Here , we find executable files by which we can open opera.exe

Now , we want to run this file

type your executable files with extension.


how to open program files using cmd
run files

Then press “ENTER” button.

how to open program files using cmd
opera browsew

Yahoo!!! We have run this file….

Let’s dance!!!! Uri Baaba!!Uri Baaba!! (song)  😉

 In this way, you can run or open program files using cmd .

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