Command prompt tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to delete file using cmd  .

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Delete File Using CMD

Suppose , I have a file named mymeetbook.txt on desktop.

delete file using cmd

I want to delete this file. I will show you this process by browsing directory. If you cannot browse directory  by cmd please read this post How To Open Program Files Using cmd .

So , to do that, firstly I have to go Desktop directory. Type

cd desktop

delete file using cmd

If you can  browse desktop directory or you can type your desired file names. However , I am showing  you by browsing files. To browse directory ,


When I typed dir  ,all files are shown . Here, I got my desired file named mymeetbook.txt which I want to delete.

Delete files using CMD


So, If you want to delete you have to type del then your file name with extension. Such as I am going to  delete files named mymeetbook.txt so I have to type

del mymeetbook.txt

delete file using cmd
code of delete

So again type dir to be sure that your file got deleted.

delete file using cmd

See, mymeetbook.txt was deleted. :Cool:

If, I you want to delete files all files of any extension, then what to do? hmm, Tell me.

Suppose, In Boss folder on desktop, I want to delete all text files. So to do that , You have to type

del / “your path with directory name “/then type  star (*) with dot (.) and extension . I want to delete all text file in Boss directory on desktop. To do that I have to go desktop directory then boss directory.

Delete files using CMD


There are one media file and two text files. Now I have to type this code to delete all text extension.

del C:\Users\jon\Desktop\Boss\*.txt

delete file using cmd
text directory


delete file using cmd
delete text file

All text were gone away. :Cool:

In this away we can  delete files using cmd .

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