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Command prompt tutorial









This post is about how to rename multiple files at once.

ūüôā Most welcome again, my friends. what’s up? I think all of your condition is going well. I think that all of you read my previous posts. If you read those, I want to ask you how to edit multiple files at once . That’s means how to change multiple file extensions at once.

Tell me,friends…. Okay if you can’t , don’t worry. It’s so easy if you try this by using CMD. I will show you how is that possible. Because I am going to discuss ¬†about this topics with you ¬†. So,Let’s go with me..

How To Rename Multiple Files At Once :

I want to edit my files which is included in a folder named MyMeetBook on Desktop. Ok.

I am going to show you by navigating folders. At first ¬†,Tell me,What ¬†to do now? If you unable to say I welcome to read this post…..


cd desktop

how to rename multiple files at once

change directory

Because,at first, I have to go on Desktop directory. Then type


When I type this code many directories are appeared. I found my desired folder MyMeetBook . Then type


Because I want to edit files which are on  directory. Then type


how to rename multiple files at once

Text File


You see , there are three text file.

how to rename multiple files at once

Text File


Now , I want to edit extension of these files from text file to csv file. So, Let’s go with me. type this away.

REN [drive:][path]filename1 filename2 

Assume that I want to these files text file to csv. so,

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ren *txt  *csv

how to rename multiple files at once

Text Csv


If you want to sure you can navigate this directory or directly go to your folder.

how to rename multiple files at once

csv file

If I want proof from cmd ,I have to type dir when I am on this MyMeetBook  directory.

Or I have to go MyMeetBook folder.

how to rename multiple files at once

csv file


Congratulation !! finally I succeed .. :Wink:

In this way , we can rename files using CMD .

Thank you to all. If you have any problem please comment or feedback us . Subscribe us to get new topics in your mail.

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