Google Search Tricks

Hi everyone! After a long time , I come back . I was feeling so lazy, sluggish. But all of your love brought me back again . Today, this article is going to be based on some effective ways of google search tricks and I hope you will find it interesting.

  • To find out easily any important topics.
  • To find out any kind of software.
  • To be expert at browsing internet.
  • To be a hacker.

And many other things . So lets dig into the deep šŸ™‚

Google Search Tricks – Easy and Effective Ways

Search exact phrase:

Google Search Tricks

“searching quotation mark” means you want to search any specific topics . But now, the search engine has developedĀ a lot and it can understand what kind of topics user want to search without quotation mark . But the quotation markĀ change a lot in your search result .example :

“Mymeetbook is a social site”

Quotation mark is very helpful for this type of phrase or keyword research . If you can not insert quotation , many uselessĀ sites wil be appeared.

Search exclude a word :

Google Search Tricks

When you want to search a word but that has several meanings .Than just add a hyphen before a word to exclude a search term.

I want to search mymeetbook that show search result of youtube. Than just type,


Search within a specific site :

Google Search Tricks
If you know you want your answer from within a specific site or type of site . Just type your query than certainĀ domain name . For example ; site :edu or

suppose, you want to know review from then type ,

mymeetbook reviews:

Search Similar :

Google Search Tricks

You can find sites with similar content to a url .

Suppose , you want to search related site of
Just type

Search for words in text:

Google Search Tricks

If you want to find pages where the all terms appear in the text .
Type :

allintext: your keyword

suppose ,I want to search mymeetbook in text it appears in your result by showing all terms together not separately . type,


and If you want to use intext format ,you can find your terms separately or together .


Search for Words in Url

Google Search Tricks

if you want to search your keyword thorugh url or keyword , you can insert

allinurl : your keyword or url

Suppose , you want to search about mymeetbook keyword .Just type

allinurl :mymeetbook

It’s part one . I again come back more details about google search tricks . Before leaving

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