This post is about how to bypass youtube age restriction.

🙂 Hi, friends… what’s up? ,friends. Is everybody fine? hmm.. I think ,all of your days are  going well. Today, I am going to show a simple tricks .

How To Bypass Youtube Age Restriction :

let’s go to point.

Sometimes when we enter youtube site to see video, we see that some videos are protected by age restriction policy.  Like this.

bypass youtube age restriction


So, what are you doing at that time? Yeah ! You are right!! You have to sign in to confirm your age.

This restriction is given by the youtube policy. If  your video has violent or sensitive  medical related content,  this policy has to be followed.

No problem is that .It’s causes problem when google automatically stores your search history when you sign in Google. It’s not a good sign though most of the people has strong belief on google privacy protection. But Hacker or unusual tracking activity !!! Then what to do ?? Google stores your all browsing history all time. You may ask me question? From  where hackers get my browsing history after getting my password if I remove browsing history from my browser?

Ok. Fine.. Just go to this link..  then see… Isn’t enough to see proof?

Then what to do ?  Don’t worry.. am  I not  here now ? So don’t need t worried ?

You can avoid this privacy policy  by using simple tricks .I show you by this age restricted video .

This video link is ,

Here just remove from slash ( “/ “) to question mark (“?”) and equal sign (“=”) after (“v”) . Then link should be like that .

2nd way :

You can avoid this restriction by redirecting this url. Simply  Like that

Link is:

You have to just place nsfw after www. and remove https:// .Link should like that

Your privacy got avoided .  :Wink:

♦♦♦Be cautious!!! This tricks is shown only for education purpose only . Don’t apply this for unusual activities. Because It may create bad impression on your body through your mind if you apply this for negative activities .Because it’s very tough to lead life with pure mind .

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