how to check website cms

This post is about how to check a website CMS .

ūüôā Hi, friends, How are you? I am feeling so much great for being with you. ¬†I think that all of your condition are running well . ok.. today I am going to write a new topics on this site.

How To Check Website CMS :

when you are browsing internet , you go many sites. some sites are highly decorated or very richfull . Some time it would be appeared in ¬†your mind which CMS this site is using. There are many cms such as wordpress, joomla, drupa as well as magento, opencart, Zencat etc. how to know that. hmmm…. ūüôā

Yes!! There are several ways…

  • First way, you can’t find it easily if site’s ¬†logo or footer is inscribed .
  • Second way, by going to view page source ,then ¬†search for meta generator.
  • Some times ¬†If this source are removed by web – developer, then what to do..

Don’t need to be worried. There are some online cms detector tools.

I am going to introduce top online CMS detector tools.

1. W3Techs  :

Wang languages, Javascript library, Mark-up language, Character Encoding, Image file formats, Site elements, SSL Certificate authorities, Social Widgets, Web server, Traffic Analysis tools, Advertising network, Domain, Language and Technology Score.¬† Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox is ¬†available for it’s tool.3Techs has ability to ¬†provide ¬†details of a website by giving information ¬†Website background, Content Management System, Server side programming languages, Client side programming

how to check website cms



how to check website cms


2. BuiltWith  :

This tool is a really powerful tool that analyzes includes information on Server, CMS and framework used Analytics and tracking systems used Content delivery network, aggregation functionality and document information.

how to check website cms
Built With


3. CMS Detector :

It’s a great tools named CMS detector application which can be used just to find out CMS by a website or Framework used by a site.

how to check website cms
CMS Detector

4. Guess Scritch :

This tool is able to detect the platform, language, tools, widgets, trackers and javascript/css frameworks as well as CMS.

how to check website cms
Guess Scritch


I think this post helps you . if you find any mistake or I couldn’t unable to realize any mistake , please inform me.


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