Are you passionate about a particular hobby or a field? Do you love sharing your DIY craft ideas with people around you? If you can create content which is exciting and can connect with people, you too can be internet famous. It is possible to reach out to millions of people who share common interests and love creativity. Yes, you too, can be a Social Media Influencer.

Social Media is a great way to achieve visibility and get famous. The internet has opened doors of possibilities for individuals who want to explore their interest and prowess in any given field. One of the most vital aspects of Social Media is that it is beyond censorship, and its reach is broad and multidimensional. In recent times social media influencers have gained much recognition, and today people are earning full time with their online presence and personality.

What is a Social Media Influencer?

Most of us are already on any of the social media sites. Facebook is the one. Social Media Influencer is an individual having high credibility and influence in a particular field or industry. They have attained good following on social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and so on; where they share their ideas, views, and opinion in the form of posts. The followers of the influencers trust the endorsements done by them. It is the latest form of branding and advertising done by people famous in the local or specific circles. Big brands and local businesses rely on the influencers as they have a realistic and targeted audience.

Using Facebook Account to become a successful social media influencer

Here are a few tips for using Facebook to become a social media influencer and also be successful at it.

  1. Build your profile
  2. Find Your Niche
  3. Keep Posts Realistic
  4. Understand Your Audience
  5. Make use of Latest and Viral Techniques
  6. Make Personal Connections
  7. Keep It Alive
  8. Enjoy what you are doing
  9. Use Analytics to Know Your Reach
  10. Use Paid Services Time and Again to accentuate your following
  11. Beware of Fake Paid Services
  12. Know your strengths and have patience.

Let’s look at each of these tips in detail.

1] Build Your Profile

The profile of a social media influencer is much more than just personal details and some pictures. To create an active and ‘following-worthy’ profile, you need to make sure that you carefully add features that overlap with the niche or field you want to target. The good idea is to post pictures and add details around the niche and area of specialization. Supposedly you want to be a beauty influencer, and then your profile should have photos and content that focus on beauty products and tips. Selecting the right keywords and hashtags in your profile description is an excellent way to attract related followers. Remember, a social media influencer’s success depends not only on the number of followers but also engagement.

  • Your profile should look real and influential. If you want to create a profile of a travel blogger, then your pictures and profile description should look accordingly.
  • Use correct hashtags.
  • Go Facebook Live at interesting places and events
  • Share reviews of the latest products
  • Make your voice heard
  • Create polls on Facebook
  • Do interactive sessions with Facebook Live
  • Host watch parties
  • Join groups with similar interest
  • Create engagement groups
  • Share interesting and viral news stories with your take on it

2] Find Your Niche

Finding a specific field or subject in which you want to build your following is essential. You can speak about several topics or areas at a time; however, there needs to be a connection in them. Like fashion, beauty and makeup go hand in hand. However, someone talking about makeup and Artificial Intelligence is a little disparate.

The most successful travel influencers keep it simple and exciting on social media. They post pictures and travelogues about the places they visit and give tips to people on cheap and lucrative travel.

That is your success mantra. You need to keep your followers engaged and informed. More information you pass, better they like you.

3] Keep Posts Realistic

Social media life is not real, and a lot of people post things that they are not doing. However, audiences are smart. Eventually, the followers will identify fake posts, and finally, they would stop engaging. The best way is to share good ideas and keep your audiences informed and entertained. There are travel influencers who, at times, post pictures to places they have never been to. That may get them followers but not the loyal ones.

Being genuine is extremely helpful for the audience when being a social media influencer.

4] Understand Your Audience

Posting information and pictures should be driven by the type of audience and their needs. Travel influencers travel extensively to destinations. The beauty influencers try products and share their first-hand experience of things. Fitness influencers share tips and workout videos. That’s because their audience is following them for the information in the respective field.

5] Make use of Latest and Viral Techniques

Sometimes the hot selling trends on social media are the ones that give most exposure to the potential influencers. Imagine there is a viral challenge going on for a fitness regime. You, as a possible fitness influencer, should try that challenge and share your video, post on related pages, and use the hashtags.

You can then challenge other people in your network to do the same. With this method, you get involved with related people and get exposure.

6] Make Personal Connections

How would you feel when you comment on a celebrity or a brand ambassadors post, and they reply directly to your comment? You ask a question fitness bloggers video, and they give you a personal reply or a tip. You would appreciate that, right? Similarly, if you want to create an excellent image as a social media influencer, you should engage with the audience. Try sending them personalized tips and do not fail to thank them when they bestow you with compliments.

7] Keep It Alive

Few posts do not make you an excellent social media influencer. You need to have a wonderful sense of timing and make correct posts at the exact instance. To become the right influencer, you should keep posting regularly. The posts should be both encouraging and entertaining. Also, the right idea is to share interesting stuff from other people’s profiles. Word of Caution: Whenever sharing someone else’s material, never fail to give them credit.

You can also try out going live in several instances. That gives your followers real-time involvement in your life.

8] Enjoy what you are doing

When you enjoy your life on social media, your followers also do. Keeping up the liveliness and informative content on your timeline is a great way to catch the attention of correct people on the internet.

9] Use Analytics to Know Your Reach

There are several tools available these days that give you a great insight into how your social media promotions and posts have done. You can use them to see the reports of how much people viewed your posts and how well it is trending. Social Media is all about reach. Make use of these tools and technology to understand the tweaks that you may need to make in your posts.

10] Use Paid Services Time and Again to accentuate your following:

You can use paid services or sponsored content services from Facebook and Instagram etc. to create a more significant audience for your posts and profile. It is especially useful for influencers trying to build their brand and business.

11] Beware of Fake Paid Services

As an influencer buying fake followers is the worst practice. These services generally sell Bots and malicious accounts as followers, which are neither active nor of any use. As an influencer, you should target getting followers and exposure using digital marketing techniques and organically.

12] Know your strengths and have patience

Patience is the key to success in any field. Social Media Influencers may get instant fame, or at times it may take a while to build your profile and create successful campaigns. You have to be patient and persistent. The more organically you grow your audience, the more critical and long term it is. So if you are talented or passionate about something, try acing it on Facebook. Social Media can give you extensive reach, and you can enjoy stardom that’s all your own.