Hello Huawei Fans,

Lots of users have been complaining in the Past about the absence of Call Recording Feature in Huawei Smartphones. Well if you are running the latest version of EMUI i.e EMUI 10.1.0+ you can enable this feature with a simple hack.

All you need to do is to download the given Call Recording APK at the end of this Article and install it.

I install Huawei Nova 7i with EMUI version 10.1.0

After successfully installing the Call Recording APK follow the instructions if you want to turn on the Auto Call Recording Feature


Note: Dont forget to restart your smartphone


Download APK here: 

Google Drive Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yjwBe5lwXxA61Bkap11cSHBoT7ubnrXI/view?usp=sharing

Gool Drive Download Link: https://www.gooldrive.com/drive/s/jE3JKWwVXgZXWwTtPZeW7rb3NmVTUF

Alternative Download Link: https://boxpuff.com/JK/HuaweiCallRecording_10.1.0.apk


My Phone 1 Huawei P9 ( 2016 to still)

My Phone 2 Huawei nova 7i (New)

And Your Phone?