Windows 10 Task Manager opens to the Processes tab by default, but you can now set the default tab to open. This is a new feature that has been added in Windows 10 v 1903 May 2019 Update. The Task Manager is used to monitor the applications, processes, and services that are running on your computer. It is also used to monitor the performance of computer hardware and network statistics.

The Task Manager has evolved with time right from Windows 3 to Windows 10 and the new Windows 10 Task Manager, now offers a lot of information. We have already seen how the Windows Task Manager works and also the features of the Windows 10 Task Manager, including how to understand the heat map of the Task Manager. Now we take a look at one more new feature.

Set the Default Tab to open in Windows 11/10 Task Manager:

Right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager to launch it. Here you will see the several Columns that it offers.

Click open the Options tab on the top menu bar and then select Set default tab.

Here you will see the tab options available:

  • Process
  • Performance
  • App History
  • Startup
  • Users
  • Details
  • Services.

The default is Process, but you may select any other like Performance.

Now the next time you start the Task Manager, it will open to the Performance tab.

Hope this small tip is useful to you.