When you want to  open a site  that may be official or personal ,first question may appear in mind which domain should be selected. This post is covered by this topics. It’s so easy. After reading this post you will able to realize the important facts that how to choose domain name perfectly.

How to Choose Domain Name for Personal Website

Choose Domain Name for Personal Website



Unique and Easy:

Firstly when you have to choose a domain name , this should be short and easy to remember . Because longer domain is not user friendly . People can mistake by mistyping or misspelling and it’s not easy to remember . Even people can go to another site unknowingly . When you choose board domain you url will be large , and gooole gives priority short url for ranking .
And it’s better not to select slang or misspelled words as like “u instead of you” or “express instead of xpress “. People might face hard to find your site .

Use keyword:

Using keyword in domain, It’s also a good idea. But according new updates of google it’s not a factor for ranking . But it makes a sense to vistor what topic is about of your blog . Like as aiovideo.com. From this domain name, Visitor can assume that this site is decorated by videos. In here, another point, I want to share, to make creative, some businessmen tweak the main words. Such as, here, “aio” of aiovideo.com means  “All in One“. So owner showed creativity to tweak this word with combination of abbreviation . It’s called partial match domain . In type domain you can put niche keyword and people can get idea about your site .

*Only abbreviation based domain name is not good choice, because it would be ugly or unforgettable.

Exact Match Domain (EMD):

According to new update, EMD has no value for ranking. But it works sometimes in long tail and low competitive keywords. On event blogging or single niche based site, you can apply these method. Before you have to put relevant content on this site. Otherwise you may get penalty by google. like as : techbloggingsites.com , in here you can put all tech sites that have got popularity by readers .

Some opinion from experts,

From Rubel SBS,

Choose Domain Name for Personal Website


For Brand: If you have intention to make a brand of your company. It will be better choice by searching keyword directly to go to your company’s site through search engine. It will be easier for visitor. But before you have to promote or advertise your brand to known your brand to audience . Like as: Nike , Xerox , Reddit .

You can combine two words that express opposite meaning according to content . It’s a strategy to select  that type of domain that stir up curiosity or question mark in visitor’s minds like as MyMeetBook.Com – hey…!! what’s that ? How can I meet with my book? or people would imagine that this site would be book related. But this site is totally opposite. It’s a social media . Others is BoxPuff.com  … How to puff box ? But it’s file sharing site .

Protect your Brand:
Here to say that , if you want to select business niche related keyword , like as womenshoes.com . You have to put all shoes that are related to woman on your online store , but you would put man’s shoes , that customer would not take easily . Other side , if you have intention to put both type of shoes man or woman , now or later , that you should select that type of domain that covered both side man and woman like as shiningshoes.com .

Some times when a site get popular , some sites are opened same name with different extension . Like as your main business site is abc.com , other would open abc.cc . If visitor would go abc.cc intead of abc.com unknowingly , You lose many visitor . And you know traffic=money . To protect this , you should register other versions and ensures your customers even if they mistype it .

Number and Hyphen:
Selecting number or hyphen based domain , it’s not user friendly . If your domain is combination of two words ,you want to addreess it separately for readabilty , then it’s ok . But one more than hyphen, it’s regareded as a spam .
To use number as a domain name , you should focus that it should be meaningful  and very popular number is 24,6 365 like as . This number based domain are seen mostly on e-newspaper’s site .Like as bdnews24.com. You can use also this number for another site , but you have to ensure that your site is covered with much relevant content. Google sometimes take as a spam this number based domain .

Some opinions from Seo experts,

Domain Name Extension:

If you want to run your site in a long time or you are not sure what type of post you should do , to select a domain name as “dot com(.com)” is a good choice . If you are sure about your type of traffic for branding you can use others extension.
.co : an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
.info : informational sites.
.net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
.org : non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
.biz : business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
.me : blogs, resumes or personal sites.

There are many extensions , Before mentioned domain extensions are so popular .

Target Country:

If your business or site is local it’s perfect for using country based domain . Like as if your site’s target is Bangladesh you can add  sub-domain as  abc.com.bd or your target is India then you can add abc.in  .

Expired Domain: When you register a new site , you will no get any domain authority . Domain authority is helpful for your site ranking . From this site you can buy

ExpiredDomains.net  , Auction GoDaddy
Just type your desired niche into search box, you will find it many expired domain . But you have to keep bugdet in yourself , beacuse expired domain is costly more than new domain.

People buy these type of domain mostly for event blogging or affiliate marketing .

Spam score check:

When you  select  a domain especially for expired domain , you should check spam score . Otherwise your site may get penalty by Search engine . Now search engines are very smart . 😀


There are many sites where you will find this service , I would like to check from Moz .

Choose Domain Name for Personal Website


Backlink Checker: If you want to buy expired domain , firstly you have to be confirmed that that site has related niche backlinks. Otherwise you should not proceed. There are many tools to check backlinks. These are most popular.

  1. Majestic
  2. aherfs
  3. Semrush


Some popular Domain suggestion tools that you can use:


1. Dyna Dot

2.Name Mesh

3. Bust A name

4. Domainr

5. Domize

6. Panabee

7. Nameboy

Before purchasing , you can sure  yourself again by going to these sites  that your domain selected before by anyone or  or not.



Now it’s your turn. After reading this post , I am sure  you are feeling like a boss to select perfect domain . Best of luck . 😎

Choose Domain Name for Personal Website

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